In mid-2014, the PSEW company began build the largest ferry that will work between the two sides of the Suez Canal and can carry 320 tons of people, cars, trucks and cargo, the expected date for the completion of the…


The PSEW Co. signed a contract with PMS Co. to make full maintenance for the Barge PMS-48 on port said ship yard’s floating dock with total cost 12 million pound and its excepted to be finished within 165 working days.

AbuSimble Ferry Boat

Mr. Mustafa Yossry the Governor of Aswan visited the PSEW Workshop on Lake Nasser at Aswan to survey the process of building Abu Simbel Ferry Boat, which will be used in the transportation of personnel, equipment and vehicles across the…

Fire fighting GRP boat

November 2013 the PSEW had built a fire fighting GRP boat of lenght 14 m, wedth 4.10m and depth of 2m provided with three engines in the favor of the Egyptian International Motors (Renaut)

biggest digger (ASKAR)

On 1998 we began in building the biggest digger (ASKAR) in our work shop in Aswan to serve in the operation of dredging for Tushka Canal on 1999. the digger Askar was of length 68m and power of 1300HP>

Research Vessel

The PSEW has built two of the research vessel used in the Nile (Elsad Elaly 1 & Elsad Elaly 2) , for the benefit of the public authority for the high dam.